For more than 20 years GEOMAP makes companies RUN EFFICIENTLY!

Solutions and Services for Facility Management

Software and Services for an efficient Facily Management

GEOMAP: All-in-one solution for your facility management.

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Solutions and Services for Asset Inventory Management

Geomap Asset Management System (AMS) is an End-to-End solution for an efficient and precise asset inventory management.

Consulting, asset inventory activities, and account reconciliation are some of the features that GEOMAP offers for a proper Asset Inventory Management.

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Street Lighting Management System

GEOMAP Street Lighting Management System for Smart Cities.

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GEOMAP Main Services and Core Business

Efficient solutions for asset management, preventive and corrective maintenance management.

3D Digitization

3D digitization service and laser scan of buildings and plants and return to BIM for Facility and Asset Management.

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Asset Inventory Management

Get a complete picture of all your assets ? GEOMAP performs asset invetory activities.

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Asset Reconciliation

GEOMAP AMS makes possible to know exactly all the assets owned and their maintenance status.

Afterwards, GEOMAP will perform also all the account reconciliation activities.

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Tailor-Made Solutions

The satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority!

Thus, all GEOMAP solutions can be personalized based on costumer's need.

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Private Cloud

GEOMAP Informations Systems enables efficient property management in the private sector as well as in the public one.

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Asset Geo-Location

GEOMAP Software allows to visualize the exact location of all assets and technical components by associating a geographic location with GPS coordinates. For instance, it is possible to analyze in the cartography the asset and systems (fire, etc..) distribution. Also the maintenance activities are geo-located in order to optimize activities and human resource management.


GEOMAP counts on the latest technology available on the market to perform its activities as well as on a professional team composed by engineers, architects, surveyors, consultants, and many more.

All this enables GEOMAP to efficiently digitalize all the assets and components as well as remote control systems to perform asset inventory activities.  

Customized Solutions

GEOMAP develops every project based on client's need providing customized Softwares and solutions.

End-to-End Solutions 

GEOMAP provides a continuous support to its clients, starting from the the deployment up to the release of full set help.


GEOMAP Softwares are cloud-based. Hence, all the stakeholders will be informed about the ongoing activities in real time. 

Asset Geo-Location
Customized Solutions
End-to-End Solutions

Added Value

All-in-one, customizations, and integrability

Through our Services we are able to offer end-to-end, customized and integrated solutions.

Related to all the facility management activities, first phase will be surveying all the assets, their digitalization and setting up GEOMAP Facility Management Software. All this will enable companies to run efficiently.

Regarding the asset inventory activities, after surveying all the assets, GEOMAP will release an updated list including all the assets and their updated information.




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