Maintenance Management Modules, which can be activated on request, include all the functions needed to manage preventive and predictive maintenance as well as open tickets for the assets.

This module offers all the support you need for planning, managing and tracking of preventive maintenance of IT, electro-medical and other equipment.

The user is guided in the creation and setup of the different maintenance schedules in order to generate the maintenance plans. Once the initial setup has been completed, the system automatically manages the maintenance activities. When a maintenance activity is approaching, the information system notifies the stakeholders and technicianswith all the information, such as technical information, location and date of the operation, components, etc...

This feature offers an intuitive calendar view of scheduled maintenance, organized by building and/or plant. The user can also use different filters to create their own favorite calendar type.

The user can always manage and monitor status of the maintenance activities from the Software dashboard. The dashboard provides to the facility manager and his/her staff an immediate tool to manage and control all the activities, with relevant information such as work progress, costs, complaints, etc..

The interface for smartphones and tablets offers specific tools for on-demand management.

The Software includes also a dashboard dedicated to record of corrective maintenance requests.

The Software integrates interfaces to streamline recording and management of maintenance requests by call center operators. Additional features included are analysis and tracking tools.

GEOMAP Software integrates specific interfaces designed to streamline the record of maintenance requests and their management by call center operators. Additional features include analysis and tracking tools.

Setting tool allows the users to be notified according to the characteristics of the maintenance requests registered in the Software. This allows an efficient management of technicians shifts and availability.

The Software traces the entire maintenance process in order to generate specific reports for performance control (S.L.A. and K.p.i.). All reports can be exported to PDF or Excel formats.