User-friendly Asset and Technical Components Facility Management

GEOMAP Enterprise Asset
Management Module - Optimize Asset Utilization

GEOMAP Enterprise Asset Management provides comprehensive planning,
tracking and execution to support optimal asset monitoring and
GEOMAP enables the users to make strategic datadriven decisions for the whole enterprise that are reflected in day-to-day operations.

A user-friendly interface provides a 360-degree view of every asset’s ownership, value, location, brand, use, lifecycle status, and condition.

Each result and chart can be exported in PDF and XML formats.

Geomap Cloud-Based technology allows technicians to visualize everywhere, anytime all the technical components data. Geomap integrates a qr-code labeling system in order to keep easily track of all technical components.

For each object,  asset, plant, and technical component the Software generates an unique spreadsheet containing all the technical and maintenance data.

Each product is associated with a spreadsheet containing all the data, maintenance plans and requests, and documentation. The product spreadsheet is user friendly and it allows to easily and quickly manage all the information.