Customized Solutions for Facility and Asset Management

Services Offered

GEOMAP develops customized solutions for facility and asset management enabling an integrated management of maintenance and installations.

All the Software proposed are fully developed in-house by GEOMAP. Therefore GEOMAP can offer targeted customizations.
Our IT department is always ready to offer fast developments and solutions integrated with other IT systems, remote control and management.

Main areas of development and customization

We analyze and develop customized workflows to our customers' needs.

GEOMAP develop customized software modules to be integrated into our information systems in order to create a solution that fully meets the needs of each customers.

Possiamo integrare i nostri software con i sistemi di telegestione e telecontrollo presenti presso i nostri Clienti. I dati saranno analizzati dai nostri sistemi ai fini della gestione e generazione degli interventi di manutenzione.

We can migrate data from other information systems or connect our platform with existing systems (ERP,etc..).