Preventive Maintenance Management

Preventive Maintenance module offers all the support you need for planning, managing and tracking of scheduled maintenance. It also provides strategic information for budget management and control of service level agreement (S.L.A.).

Easy Setup

The user is guided in the development and setup of the maintenance schedules required to generate the maintenance plans. Once the initial setup has been completed, the system automatically manages the maintenance activity. When maintenance is imminent, the Software notifies the stakeholders and maintenance teams with of all the relevant information, such as technical information, location and date of intervention, components, etc.

Maintenance Calendar

This feature offers an easy-to-use calendar view of scheduled maintenance, organized by building and/or building system. The user can also use several filters to create their own favourite calendar type.

Easy Management

The user can always manage and monitor the status of maintenance activities from any pc, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.