Nowadays “Going paperless” has to be a priority for any workplace. But how does it really look like, and what steps can be made to achieve it? A step in the right direction would be Geomap Document Management System (DMS), allowing to create a network of digital paperless workflows.Geomap DMS is one of the modules available through Geomap software that enables the management of documentation easier, faster, and more efficient.

Moreover, it can provide extreme cost savings by enabling you to cut expenses in the following ways:

  • Allow remote access to documents during maintenance activities; 
  • Avoid non-compliance costs;
  • Improve the business workflow;
  • Avoid security data breaches;
  • Improve relationship and interactions among stakeholders; 
  • Reduce resource wastage and smart storage.

Let’s explore each point in detail: 

Allow remote access to documents during maintenance activities 

Associate floor plans, technical manuals, and much more to the buildings and assets under management. Documents can be queried and visualized also on-site via the Geomap app, thus supporting technicians to perform efficiently and quicker inspections and maintenance activities.

Avoid Non-compliance Costs

Track documents deadlines and receive alerts when critical documents are about to expire. When an organization fails to comply with government regulations, it will likely receive fines and, depending on the document expiration or not validity, the access to the spaces under management could not be allowed from the authorities until the document renewal. 

Improve the Business Workflow

The more time your employees spend boggled down by manual processes such as connecting with colleagues to try collecting documents needed such as buildings data, floor plan, etc. the less time they have at work to do what really matters. With a DMS such as Geomap, all your enterprise documents are electronically stored and arranged in a manner that makes sense for your business workflow as well as real estate management.

Avoid Document Security Breaches

Data security is of utmost importance for real estate management. Using Geomap DMS in your workplace boosts the security of your confidential documents through various levels of access controls.

Improve relationship and interactions among stakeholders 

Facility, Real Estate Managers as well as technicians manage valuable and crucial documents every day. Without a centralize systems documents likely will not be accessible from the other parties. This will result in missing information from the stakeholders involved in the management of a real estate or a time-consuming process to retrieve the interested document. Overcome bottleneck with Geomap DMS.

Reduce resource wastage and smart storage

Be cost-effective, green, and efficient by not having the need to print out each document in order to storage it. Geomap DMS will ensure easy cloud access to information be it business, property, or client data.  

Every business looking to improve their return on investment (ROI) should not only attempt to reduce paper-based tasks but also increase access to their important documents from anywhere and at any time. 

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to walk through our DMS, enabling you to reduce your business expenses enjoying budget cost savings and improving your workflow.